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Dr. Scott Asher serves as the Director of The Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Center, a division of Tallahassee Ear, Nose and Throat that was established in 1986. He is a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon providing a wide variety of services including surgical rejuvenation for facial aging, non-surgical facial enhancement, functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, facial trauma repair and scar revision, and head & neck/skin cancer reconstruction. Dr. Asher completed his fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago. An Alabama native, he graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He performed his surgical internship and otolaryngology/head & neck surgery residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and is a board certified head and neck surgeon. He brings exceptional surgical skill, aesthetic vision, and compassionate care to each patient he treats. Dr. Asher’s expertise is in plastic surgery of the face, with a background in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has published numerous scientific articles and book chapters in the medical literature. He holds medical licenses in three states, and is an active faculty member of the Florida State University College of Medicine. Dr. Asher is a firm proponent of practicing evidence-based medicine, where clinical decisions are driven by sound scientific studies. He places an emphasis on routine attendance at national and international scientific meetings to discuss the latest techniques and technology available.

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Who doesn’t look in the mirror every morning? If you aren’t completely satisfied with what you see, we can help. Facial enhancement is our specialty, learn more about options you may consider.

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Consult Expectations

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There is no need to be nervous about your visit. We understand that if you are seeking our care, there may be something that bothers you significantly in your appearance and this can make even the most confident person a little self-conscious. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Please know your visit is confidential and private. On the day of your visit you will meet with Dr. Asher to discuss your goals. While old photographs can be helpful, they are not necessary. However, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this may make it easier for you to discuss your care. If you would like to send us an electronic copy beforehand this can be arranged and the photo can be placed in your secure electronic medical record. Sometimes patients will bring pictures of others to show a specific feature they like or dislike. Dr. Asher will review your complete medical history, perform an exam and may take professional grade photographs. These photographs are a great communication tool, and often the image can be altered to show what changes might be possible. There is no additional fee for this service. Once recommendations have been made, many treatments can be performed the same day or scheduled at your convenience. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, medical clearance from your primary care doctor may need to be obtained. Whether your goals are to help reverse the signs of aging, prevent a certain feature from detracting from your best attributes, slightly enhance the way you look, return you to the way you looked before a trauma or cancer, or repair a congenital deformity—Dr. Asher and his team of professionals are here to support you. We will coordinate with you to minimize your time away from your activities or work. Minimally invasive techniques and the latest technology are used to provide maximum results for you.

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